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We are excited to announce the launch of our Kickstarter campaign!



The Project

Mad Era Brewing is a local microbrewery and restaurant in Simi Valley that will be opening in the summer of 2019. As Simi residents, we are excited to share our passion with the community and bringing a brewery to our home town. 

What have we been doing?

We have spent the past year working with our architects, engineers, and construction crew on getting this brewery off the ground. We’ve ordered our 15 barrel brewhouse (465 gallon), built our plans, worked with the city to get the necessary approvals, and now we are fully in development mode.


Why donate?

Our goal is to provide the Simi Valley community with a place where you want to go after work, on weekends, on special events, or just because. Your donation will help us ensure this will happen. Your donation today will bring us to our goal of not only providing the Simi Valley community with beer, but creating a place that will give every resident pride in saying that there is a brewery in Simi.


Where will my money go?

The money will go toward the brewpub of course! A portion will go toward the merchandise and benefits that you will receive, the other portion will go toward the brewery and beer. There is still some brewery equipment that we need to purchase, and the rest of it will ensure we have enough beer for everyone once we open the doors.


The rewards:

With your donation, we are excited to offer various rewards to show our appreciation. We are grateful for anything, we truly are. We can’t do this without you and even the smallest amount matters. Rewards priced $200 and up are limited! 

Rewards Chart:

KickstarterTiers v2.png



Our Sincere Gratitude

We appreciate every single dollar we receive toward this project. But if you’re donating $1, why not make it an extra $4 and get a sticker and a coaster, or a drink ticket?



Drink Ticket

That’s right! You'll receive a one-time ticket that can be redeemed for a drink of your choice! Stop by once we're open and have a drink with us.

Items Include:

  • Drink Ticket



Sticker & Coaster

Be one of the first to get your hands on a Mad Era sticker and coaster.

Items Include:

  • Mad Era Coaster

  • Mad Era Sticker

Membership information can be found on our Membership page.


Here are a few examples of merchandise you will receive:

Mad Era Kickstarter T-Shirts and Hats will only be available via the kickstarter campaign. 


We’d like to show you a few of the rewards that you’ll be getting when you back our kickstarter.


Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the buildout updates!


  • When do you open?

The estimated date for opening is in August 2019.

  • How will I get my prize? 

In an effort to save shipping costs, you can pick up your prize directly at the brewery.

  • When do we receive our rewards?

The rewards expectation date includes the date in which you should expect your reward.    The items that are brewery-related will be fulfilled once the brewery is open. 

  • If we select a reward, do we receive all the rewards that are at lower levels?

No, the reward you select includes the items that are in that reward. For example, if you select the $25 Mad Era Hat reward, you will not receive the items other categories, i.e, $10, $5, etc... If you would like to receive the other items, we would love for you to purchase the other reward. 

  • What’s in a Merch Pack?

A Merch Pack includes:

1 – Stainless steel growler

1 – “Thank you” print

1 – Mad Era Kickstarter shirt

1 – Mad Era Supporter hat

1 – Mad Era pint glass

1 – Name in stainless steel

1 – Sticker

1 – Coaster

1 – Drink ticket


Thanks for reading!

   – Mad Era Brewing

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